Ms. Stephanie

My name is Stephanie Malysz and I graduated from Simon Fraser University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. In March 2018, after graduating, I started at Westwood Montessori in the Out of School Care program. In the summer of 2018, I started working in the office to fill in for Leah when she was away or sick. During this time, I also obtained my class 4 drivers licence so I can drive the school bus. Once Leah left for her maternity leave in April 2019 I became the Manager of the Pinetree Location. I have worked with children since I was 13 through babysitting, volunteering in Elementary schools, and being a full- time Nanny. I love working with the teachers, connecting with parents and being around the children to see them learn and experience new things.

Ms. Leah (on maternity leave)

Hi Parents and Guardians!

My name is Leah and I am the manager here at Westwood Montessori. I have been part of the Westwood Montessori family since 2002 when I started working part time as an out of school care teacher while going to school. In 2005 I graduated from Western Montessori Teachers College with an Associates in Montessori Studies and shortly after that completed my Early Childhood Education program and received my license. From 2005-2012 I taught in the Montessori full day program with children between the ages of 3-5. Being able to watch each child learn and grow throughout my years as a teacher has brought a lot of joy to my life. In January 2013 I took over as the manager and I really enjoy working closely together with the teachers and parents to provide the best possible childcare environment. Although I miss teaching, I’m glad I still get to see all the children’s smiling faces when they pass my office and when I visit them in their classrooms.


Daycare I Staff


Ms. Samantha

My name is Samantha. I received my International Diploma at Montessori Training Center of B.C (AMI). I am a fully licensed Early Childhood Educator and, Infant and Toddler Educator. I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from the University of the Fu Jen in Taiwan. I have been working with young children for more than 25 years and have been working at Westwood Montessori since 2007. Working with young children has always been my passion and love. I love interacting with them and it’s always such a joy to observe them grow and develop from a little child to a mature student. I'm so glad to be employed at Westwood Montessori as a full time daycare educator. My aspiration is to continue to provide a loving and enjoyable environment for all children who are under my care.


Ms. Vera

My name is Vera and I am from Hong Kong. I have been living in Canada since I was a teenager. I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. I earned my Association Montessori International Diploma and Early Childhood Education Certificate in 2013 from Montessori Training Centre of British Columbia. I love working with children especially the young ones because by watching young children grow as they flourish with knowledge is priceless. Also, working with a team of dedicated teachers who work diligently to provide a safe, warm, fun and loving environment is amazing. I hope you love Westwood Montessori as much as I do.


Ms. Claire

My name is Claire Huang and I am from Taiwan. I have both experiences with 3-5 age group as well as infant & toddler program. I obtained my Early Childhood Education Certificate in 2010. I am a mother of a 6-year-old boy who is going to Grade 1 this September and I like to spend my time with him in a nature surrounding environment as much as we can. I believe that children are all capable and unique. As an educator, my role is to help them explore his/her true self individually at any given opportunity. At the same time, I also feel honoured to walk alongside with them during their first 5 formative years on intellectual, social emotional development.

Daycare II Staff


Ms. Christine C

I am Christine (Ching-Chin) and I am from Taiwan. I have been living in Canada for more than 10 years. In 2006 I earned my Early Childhood Education certificate from Vancouver Career College and in 2008 I joined Westwood Montessori. Working with children is fun and challenging but watching them grow and develop through our program is the best part of this job. I hope all the children and parents enjoy their days in our Centre.

Ms. Julia

My family and I moved here from Korea. I have been working with children for over 10 years in both Korea and Canada. In Korea, I received a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and in June 2015 I obtained my Early Childhood Educator in British Columbia. I love children and find working with them brings great joy to my life. I feel like I have learned just as much from my students as they have from me and most of all, I want them to know how very special they are in the world during their school days. I look forward to meeting new children and families at Westwood Montessori.


Ms. Christine J

I obtained my Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees from Queen’s University and my Association Montessori Internationale and ECE certificate from the Montessori Training Centre of British Columbia. Since then I have been working with children in various ages for more than 15 years found my heart settle for children age 3 to 5. I believe the Montessori environment can help cultivate all children to become truly capable and confident individuals by focusing on their moral behavioural, emotional and intellectual development.

Junior Toddler Staff


Ms. Joy

Hi, my name is Joy Huang. I am a mother of two, My daughter is 20 years-old and my son is 18 years-old. My husband is a computer engineer. I have worked with children nearly all my life. When my children were little, I volunteered as a Beaver, Cub, and Scout Leader. In 2009 I received my Early Childhood Education Certificate and in 2010 I received my Infant and Toddler Certificate. I have been working with infants and toddlers at SFU Childcare Society since 2010. In 2015 I decided to work close to home so I choose Westwood as my next journey. I really enjoy working and growing with this team.


Ms. Selena

My name is Selena Yim and I am from Hong Kong. I have achieved an Early Childhood Education Certificate from Sprott Shaw College in 2017 and an International Montessori Teaching Diploma from the North American Montessori Center in 2018. Besides teaching children at daycare, I have a history of teaching the piano. Because of the skills and the background of teaching that I have built up throughout the years, I strongly believe that Early Childhood Education is a wonderful path for me. I want to use all that I have acquired to teach children.


Ms. Jane

My name is Jane Chang. I’m from Taiwan and I’m a mom of three daughters. I started working as a substitute teacher at Westwood Montessori in January 2018. I love children and enjoy watching them grow. From subbing at two locations and different classes, I gained a lot of experience and was motivated by many great teachers so I studied and got my ECEA in March 2019. I am thrilled to work in the Junior Toddlers class and cannot wait to give my love and care to all the little ones! I’m very happy to be on the Westwood Montessori team!

Senior Toddler I Staff


Ms. Jeong

Hi my name is Jeong and I grew up with a love for teaching so I pursued my passion of becoming a teacher in Korea. In 2008, I received my Early Childhood Education, Infant and Toddler and Special Needs Educator Certification here in BC, and became a full time childhood educator. My main goal as a teacher is to make sure that all my students are safe and happy to be at school. I can’t wait to meet all of your children.

Sr Toddler II Staff


Ms. Julie

My name is Julie and I have been working at Westwood Montessori for over 7 years. I have my Early Childhood education and Montessori Certificates for both Infant Toddler and Preschool aged children. I have always been working with children between 1-3 years old and really love this age. Children at this age absorb everything around them and we as educators are there to prepare the environment and help each of them grow into their own unique selves. I enjoy teaching and watching them making friends, develop aptitude to solve problems that they can apply in their future. My goal is to build a good relationship with the children and their families and to help them achieve the skills and independence required for their next step in life.

Preschool AM/PM Staff


Ms. Jovana

My name is Jovana. I have been working at Westwood Montessori since 2004. I graduated at Western Montessori Teacher's college in 1996 and completed additional requirements for my International Diploma for Montessori Method of Education in the same year. I am a fully licensed Early Childhood Educator since 1990. I enjoy working with preschool and Kindergarten children very much; it is rewarding to see them become independent learners through prepared environment. It is nice to be part of this process where child builds a base for future achievements. I am looking forward to the dynamics and challenges of the new group every September.

Ms. Winnie

Hi, my name is Winnie and I have graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of general studies and extended minor in Linguistics. I have started my volunteering in child care settings since high school years from Tzu-chi organization to SFU Children’s Centre. I received my directress certificate from A.M.I. (Association Montessori International) and my Early Childhood Education certificate in 2008 and started teaching that same year. I have learnt to have faith and believe in each child, respond to their needs and lead them to confidence and independence.

Extended Preschool Staff


Ms. Pinky

Mabuhay! My name is Pinky. I have an Associate in Montessori Studies from Western Montessori Teachers College and my Early Childhood Education license from Burnaby College. I also have a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of the Philippines. I have been and Early Childhood Educator for over 17 years and all of these years have been productively spent at Westwood Montessori. Taking care of my nephew when I first migrated to Canada led me to this career change; and there are no regrets. I enjoy taking pictures, editing them, doing arts and crafts, altering clothes, singing and reading books. I am able to speak several languages and this helps me connect with the diverse families that come to our school. Since 2011, I have also been working in the After School Car Program with the Kindergarten and grade one children. Happily, I still find interacting with these little people so much fun and rewarding.


Ms. Joanne

My name is Joanne. I received my Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Training Diploma from Capital College in 2004. Since receiving my ECE in 2006, I have been working in preschool, daycare and infant/toddler programs at couple of different facilities. I withdrew from my work after I had my first child in 2010. After both of my kids settled into elementary school, I decided that it’s time for me to go back to something I enjoy. I can’t wait to see those cute, innocent and eager to learn faces. I am also looking forward to meet you and your families too.

Out of School I Staff

Ms. Nasim

My name is Nasim and I have my Early Childhood Education certificate and a BA degree in Interior Design. I have over eight years’ experience working with children. I started working in the group Daycare as a substitute teacher with children ages 3-5 years old. I enjoy working with this age group very much because every day in the classroom is different, interesting and fun. I have been working at Westwood Montessori since 2012 and now working in the Out of School Care program with Elementary school aged children. Working with children brings a lot of joy to my life and I enjoy watching them learn and grow throughout the years. It is rewarding to watch children grow from a little child to a mature student. I am patient, attentive and love creating daily activates for children in a fun, safe and positive environment. My social and friendly nature means I have a good connection with children and adults from diverse backgrounds.


Ms. Elizabeth

Hello! I'm Elizabeth and I started working as a substitute teacher for Westwood Montessori the same year I graduated from MTI College in 2010. I am now currently working in the Out of school care program with children ages 5-12. I am privileged to be a part of an institution that promotes multiculturalism because I believe diversity is critical in every child’s development so they can acknowledge their differences and embrace it.

I love being with the children, their wit and candor help me to be happy. It is also very rewarding to see them grow and develop to become their better selves, knowing that I took part of their growth. My ABC to success is having a good attitude, being positive and being committed, which I live by daily. I am proud to be part of Westwood Montessori’s family as they share the same values I truly believe in.

Out of School Care II Staff


Ms. Sherry

My name is Sherry. I have a Bachelor in Educational Science and I have worked as an Elementary school teacher for 5 years in Iran. I moved to Canada in 2004 and graduated with my Early Childhood Education Assistant license from MTI Community College in 2011. I started working at Westwood Montessori Preschool in March 2008. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, walking, cooking, having family/friend gatherings, and travelling. I enjoy working with children and I'm happy to be a part of the Westwood Montessori team.


Ms. Elena

Hi, my name is Elena,I am originally from Argentina, I attended Art School there and graduated with a degree in Fine Art. In 2002 I immigrated to Canada with my family. I have been Working from 2009 in Out School Programs as a Responsible Adult. In 2018 I started to work in Westwood Montessori Childcare. It is a gift being with Children, as their spontaneous attitudes, precious smiles, they bring out happiness in my life.

Out of School Care III Staff


Ms. Laudan

My name is Laudan. I have been working in the Out of School Care program at Westwood Montessori since 2007. I also have my Class 4 driver’s license so I can drive the children on the School Bus to and from school and all over the town for Pro D days, Spring Break and the Summer program.
I have a teaching diploma and used to teach in Elementary programs in Tehran. I also studied and received my Early Childhood Education diploma in Canada. I love children and believe it is a privilege to work with them and watch them grow throughout the years before they graduate from the Elementary school program.