Westwood Montessori provides childcare for children ages 1-3 years old. We offer a Junior Toddler Program (children 12 month – 24 months) and two Senior Toddler Programs (24 months to 36 months.) Each toddler program has a 1:4 ratio, one teacher for every four children.
We offer a warm and secure environment in which children can move throughout and explore at their leisure. All of the equipment in the toddler program is at a low standing level allowing the children to work independently.
We have a mandatory one week gradual entry process for all new children entering our toddler program. Initially, daycare may be overwhelming for a small child as this may be the first time away from their parents. Through gradual entry, the child will learn that mom or dad drops them off at daycare, leaves, and always comes back to pick them up. By doing a slow separation throughout the course of one week the children began to develop a sense of trust within the classroom and with the teachers. This is also a good opportunity  for parents to get to know the teachers and discuss any concerns they may have regarding their child.

Senior Toddler Schedule

7:00-8:45      Free Play
8:45-9:00      Diapering
9:00-9:15      Snack
9:15-10:20    Outdoor
10:20-10:30  Art/Craft
10:30-10:45  Diapering
10:45-11:00  Circle Time
11:00-11:30  Lunch Time
11:30-2:30    Nap/diapering Time
2:30-2:45      Snack
2:45-3:00      Circle Time
3:00-3:30      Montessori Time
3:30-4:15      Outdoor Play
4:15-4:30      Diapering
4:30-6:00      Free Play

*All times may vary